We are a team of young, talented, experienced and passionate linguists, who are committed to excellence and diligence. Our works and achievements are always aimed at spelling your success into the languages spoken in the countries and areas where you want your business to expand, and your expertise to be fully grasped by locals.

We are SPEED because we offer our language Services with utmost Professionalism, Expertise, Excellence and Diligence.

Our Vision

Because your success is paramount to us, and because it is closely and critically associated with high quality multilingual content delivered in the fastest human turnaround possible, we intend to becoming the best Translation Platform in Africa by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) to superior human performance in delivering best-in-class translated content in an unparalleled SPEED. Want to experience this truth yourself? Just submit your Service Request here and check your watch (10 minutes maximum) and your inbox for our prompt reply. We would love to hear from you, because WE ARE JUST NOTHING WITHOUT YOU!


We intend to becoming the best Translation Platform in Africa.

Why Us?

We combining artificial intelligence (AI) to superior human performance in delivering best-in-class translated content in an unparalleled SPEED.


Patient is a passionate, resourceful and creative English to French Marketing Translator who has been working in the localization industry for 8+ years. He spent almost three (03) years as Head of Translation Unit for a renowned financial institution in Cameroon, and for the past three (03) years, he has been coaching starting freelance translators and highly ambitious in-house translators to help them unleash their full potential as #Transentrepreneurs, that is #translators and #entrepreneurs in the Localization industry. He loves sharing and imparting knowledge, because he believes knowledge is the key asset anyone needs to thrive—just make sure what type of knowledge meets your needs!

Supported Languages

For the time being, we are leveraging 5 of the most spoken languages around the world (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified)) that result in 5 major language combinations offered by SPEED. Below are the available language combinations we offer for now (with the strong promise of expanding our list of offered languages as soon as possible)


At SPEED, we believe that getting your material satisfactorily translated takes more than a solid command of our working languages — what we do actually have!— , but also an expert-like mastery of the subject-field your documents deal with. As a result, our linguists are carefully chosen to work on your projects based not only on the appropriate language combination for the project, but also based on their evidenced mastery and experience in the main subject-field of your materials. Below are a couple of fields we are well versed in

Articles & News

Find most recent news and updates about the Translation and Localization industry here. You will find scholars’ contributions and many other relevant articles about the tips and tricks to succeed in our industry.

Traducteur indépendant : 10 mesures concrètes pour sortir vainqueur du confinement lié à la COVID-19

February 15, 2021

En cette période de COVID-19 fortement marquée par l’inquiétude, l’incertitude et la solitude, il est facile d’adopter des comportements autodestructeurs, même sans s’en rendre compte au départ. (...) Voici donc 10 mesures pratiques que chacun de nous peut utiliser en l’état, ou adopter en fonction de sa situation particulière, afin de sortir grandi du confinement, plutôt que d’en sortir meurtri.

From Translator to #Transentrepreneur—What You Need To Change

February 15, 2021

Many fellow translators out there strongly believe that becoming a #transentrepreneur, that is an entrepreneur in the Translation (#t9n) and Localization (#l10n) industry, takes lots of

5-Question Checklist to Assess Whether You Thrive or You Survive as A Freelance Translator

January 20, 2021

No matter the business you are in, if you really want to succeed, you must take some time to assess your progress, so as to make any necessary changes in order to thrive and become obviously successful.

Middlebury’s Localization Program Is Now a STEM Degree

January 20, 2021

Toward the end of January 2019, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) shared the news about its Master of Arts in Translation and Localization Management (TLM)


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